But the Torzal works. It’s the bent wrists which put undo strain on the tendons, and when the tendons become inflamed in the carpal tunnel of the wrist, it pinches the Median Nerve, which is a big bummer for a bass player. The customer specifically requested some of the lighter sap wood edge of the board to be used, which goes well with the exotic figure of the maple top. If you’re interested, contact Justin at justin@bestbassgear.com. I wanna try one of those but alas,I fall into that “cant afford one”cateragory. Wow! I build straight basses too. The necks are adjustable by truss rod just like any other bass. I can’t wait to buy one. Thank you so much for sharing your work, I am voraciously eager for more, it’s scrumptious stuff. Worse comes to worst, I’ll send it back to Jerome for a tune-up. I could use something like this in a 5 string. The Audere also comes with an LED battery indicator, which is a welcomed feature. I’ve been building custom orders for several years now–4 string, 5 string, headless, fretless, carbon fiber–you name it! How to Adjust the Truss Rod to Counteract Twist And Yaw. The neck blank sat on a table which could be raised incrementally for successive passes of the cutter. What a lucky guy Thanks for the good work we truly appreciate! I hope he considers allowing his patent to expire some day after he retires or makes enough dough to live comfortably. Don’t get me wrong balance is important for sure but is a balancing point is very personal to an individual. I think where you position your bass is the critical factor in avoiding carpal tunnel problems. Over the 50 years that I have played bass, I have had several instruments that developed a twist in the neck. Just remember when you’re “reading” the neck, take it string by string. I got rid of everyone of them. The twisted neck allows for a more natural position for a player’s hands. This radiusing on the top and back is done with a router and fixture. The rest of the construction is fairly typical, however, most of my basses have a radiused body, kind of like a lot of Warwick and Spector basses. They really have a unlvlieeabbe chemistry. He received a grant from the Lemelson Foundation for Invention, Innovation, and Creativity, which supported the research, design, and construction of the first Torzal ergonomic electric bass. I really like this. Who knew!!! You know what? Jerome has worked for Parker Guitars, Collings Guitars and luthiers Luke Wilson and Lance McCollum. For hardware, it features one of the first production sets of the new Toone & Townsend individual string bridges (I helped beta test the prototypes), Hipshot Ultralight tuners, Nordstrand Fat Stack pickups and an Audere preamp with individual coil tap switches for each pickup. Jerome Little earned a bachelor’s degree in music and acoustics from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Ways to Fix a Warped And Twisted Neck On most bass guitars, the truss rod will be behind a plastic cover on the neck, just behind the nut. Jerome Little designs guitars at Little Guitar Works. Never under any circumstance turn more than a quarter turn at a time. Want to Find Out if This Will Work with Your Bass. Thanks for including me in your blog, Justin. Check out more of his work at Little Guitar Works, Want to share your bass work, custom builds, or tips and tricks with the eBass community? As far as playing goes, you’d be surprised how easy it is to get used to–feels more strange to go back to a straight bass. The neck simply would not straighten out, no matter what we did with the truss rod – even with the truss rod completely loose, the neck had a severe back bow. Congrats, Jerome Little! To keep the weight down and add some roundness and punch to the tone, it has a light weight spalted maple core, and a thin flamed maple back. I need some humor in my life, so I picked up Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. Also balance is an arbitrary thing, notice the angle the bass is “balanced” at, this bass will only balance if that’s the exact angle you use in your playing position. On this bass,the neck is wenge and flame maple, with a killer zircote fingerboard. It’s right where it should be to avoid any problems. I know that we’ve all come to believe that a twisted neck is bad, and if it wasn’t design to be twisted in the first place, then it usually is. I have 2 of Jerome’s basses, a J-bird 5 string “straight” neck and a 5 string J with a bolt-on twisted neck. This is what the strings are doing, and the fretboard follows that geometry such that the playing action is the same as a regular bass, and the relief is adjustable with a truss rod, just as on a regular bass. Great work and great idea Jerome–I hope to try one out one day–takes ergonomic to a whole new level! . Here’s the fretboard against a … And Jerome has offered to field a phone call from Mark, if needed. That being said,I’ve been loosely following Jerome’ s work on this design for a few years and I am glad he is producing instruments as last time I had read about him I dont think he was quite at that stage and still ironing out some details. The patented Natural Twist design exhibits a radical departure from traditional guitar design by twisting the neck, bringing the strings toward a more natural hand position at each end of the instrument. Ralph Novak patented the fanned fret concept in 1989 (the patent has expired), and although I’ve been a fan (no pun intended) of his work and Sheldon Dingwall and others who’ve employed the concept, I had never done it myself. The object is to play your bass with both wrists as straight as possible. A slight bend is OK, but a severe bend can lead to trouble. Check out more of his work at Little Guitar Works, Bass of the Week: Rob’s Left-handed Warmoth Build, ’60s era-correct NP4v pickup from Nordstrand. I constantly feel the pressure in my wrists. Reminds me of the daze in San Francisco when I used to rehearse under the “influence” . ,.. As recently as two months ago, yes Jerome is building them and selling… I’ll see if I can’t dig up some contact info. Im not like a big fan of the guy and wouldnt even know who he is but a friend of mine gave me a book of his to read some years ago (I dont even remember the name of it) and he told a story about his brother having a black eye and borrowing his sisters make-up kit and going into the bathroom. had I inherited a little brain damage?.. In the “old days” I cut the twist in the neck blank using a machine I built which consisted of carriage with a jointer cutter head powered by a skill saw motor which traversed on rails set to the desired twist and in proportion to the taper of the string spacing. If you’re having trouble picturing how it works try a quick model, like holding four pencils together in the same plane, then rotating the ends together but in opposite directions to create a twist. The twist is designed to alleviate flexion (bending) in the wrists. This kind of thing never crossed my mind until I hit the age of….well a few years ago. I’ll see what I can do, but I think the poor guy is traumatized. After some time he emerges…with two black eyes We are looking for guest blog posts. I was bouncing up and down on my hlloow skull like a pogo stick at the beginning, dont ask me how I do this, it just happens, Im going to talk to a bishop next month about it, but anyway, after registering the song through once, I was convinced it was a boring reel, but it had a great ending, then something must have snapped in my mind, to the gnut of a broken box, and I began to think of the song as a whole, would the end be as astounding as it was if you didnt build it up in the way that you did? Thanks for the note. How do you go about it? The girl seems so awesome, she really makes it all! He was always very passionate about this. Wow! Anyway,as much as he’s put into this he definitely deserves to reap the rewards,which I believe isnt strictly monetay for Jerome. There have not been, as yet, any laugh-out-loud bits, but the ovalrel feel of the book is lighthearted and funny and, as such, is doing the trick.I can’t get through ANY Bill Bryson books without laughing out loud.

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