This usually places the bar almost directly over where the bones of your forearm insert into your wrist and makes for a more efficient grip. (UPRIGHT ROWS) - Duration: 7:12. It can be done from the floor or from the knees, which is known as a … Barbell Farmers Carry; 6. Personally, I prefer to do these on the higher end of the rep scale. The barbell high pull is a fantastic substitute for the upright row, as it very closely resembles the upright row and uses all the same muscle groups. Upright Row Alternatives While few movements can replace the upright row, some of the ones below can be viable alternatives in the event an upright row is … ✪ Pro tip: Keep your core engaged to avoid movement through the torso and concentrate all the work in your upper back and arms. The barbell high pull offers everything the upright row offers and more. That said, the isolating nature of this exercise leaves out most of the work from the upper traps since the shoulder blades end up elevating very little at the top. If performing it for the first time, I’d recommend that you start with a more vertical body position than you think you need. Suggested reps: Anywhere from 8 to 15 per side. And let’s face it, there are other exercises (as you can see in this article) that are just as good for building size through the muscles that the upright row targets. Make sure you keep your breathing steady and controlled throughout the movement. Allowing this to happen might throw you off balance and cause you to stumble. While barbell exercises are popular, upright rows can put your shoulders at risk of impingement. The upright row predominantly targets your side deltoids and upper trapezius muscles. Capped shoulders will help sculpt your silhouette. Any and all words on are not represented by CrossFit, Inc. Sitemap | Earnings Disclaimer | Terms & Privacy Policy, How to Perform the Kettlebell High Pull | Full Movement Breakdown, Scap Pulls - Ensure correct activation before pull ups. Whilst the upright row works well for some people, for others, it can be a painful exercise to perform. Remember, you can always make it more difficult by walking your feet forward as your set progresses. Hold for a second and return to starting position. At the end of your distance/time, place the barbells back down on the ground with bent knees and a neutral spine to avoid injury. The single arm dumbbell power snatch is an explosive unilateral exercise that resembles the movement pattern of the upright row, making it a solid alternative. Hold and squeeze for a second and then return slowly to starting position. Takeaway: An effective upright row alternative must primarily target the lateral delts and the upper traps. Suggested reps: 15 (5 of each “Y”, “W” and “T”). In the upright row, there is minimal help from the legs to drive the barbell upwards — preferably, none at all. Check out my article on whether overhead press can help bench press. Let’s dive in! While performing the upright row, the lifter’s arms travel away from their body and their shoulder blades lift upward near the top of the movement. However, you might be looking to substitute the upright row for a few reasons: perhaps this exercise is painful to perform because you’re injured, you can’t seem to feel the correct muscle groups working, or you just want to shake up your shoulder workouts with more variation. While this IS an advanced exercise, it’s also a fun one, and it’s very useful for athletes from all sports. The upright row requires a significant amount of humeral abduction (bringing the upper arm directly out to the side) and scapular elevation (lifting the shoulder blades upwards). Hold a barbell with an overhand grip with your hands shoulder width apart. In fact, Dr. John Rusin, a well-known strength coach and physical therapist says that outside of body-building, the exercise doesn’t have much of a purpose. The upright row is a free-weight exercise that targets the lateral deltoids, upper traps, rhomboids, and biceps. Barbell Hang Clean; 4. The upright row is commonly performed amongst gym goers, but it doesn’t mean it is the be all and end all of training your traps, shoulders and upper back. On a personal level, I’ve been dedicating myself to the world of powerlifting for the past 15 years, having both competed and coached at the highest level. You can also wear wrist wraps, which help your wrist joint stay neutral. You should end in a front rack, standing position. Once the barbell reaches its highest point, drive your elbows backwards and shoulder blades together. Lean back (the more vertical you stand, the easier it will be). The seated muscle snatch is a great substitute for the upright row, as it incorporates a similar motor pattern while targeting the same muscle groups. But it also works your rear and front deltoids, your rhomboids as well as your forearms and biceps. However, the dumbbell YTW does tend to neglect the lateral deltoids. While the lateral raise mostly works the side delt, many lifters tend to bring the dumbbells slightly higher than shoulder height. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The TRX YTW is a bodyweight alternative to the upright row. Cable Face Pull; 2. The upright row is said to increase your performance in rows and lifts like the deadlift. In this article, I will be making recommendations on the best alternatives for the upright row. In fact, the snatch grip (a wide grip on the barbell) has been shown to increase the activity of the delts and traps, while decreasing the activity of the biceps. With this movement, you will work your lateral delts by lifting against the tension of a band as it’s anchored to the floor. Secondly, with your palms pronated again and bending your elbows at 90*, rotate your hands upwards from the elbow and towards your ears, forming a “W” shape. Yes, the hang clean does give your lower body a workout too. Too light won’t cut it. Engage your core to discourage movement through the torso as you pull. This exercise is usually performed with dumbbells, but it can also be done with small plates for lifters who require lighter loads. Without swinging or moving your torso, lift your arms up until they are parallel to the ground. The scapular pull up is a great shoulder and upper back exercise. He has been lifting weights & writing about fitness for over 5 years. Do This Instead: Slight Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise Grab each barbell in the middle with an overhand grip and lift to standing position (with a neutral spine). Plus, it’s unilateral which means you get to equally build that strength, power and size through your right and left sides.

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