share. 20. Lets put a tent. ... BDO Screenshot Starter Pack. 4. Are these crevices easy to find? do i need to activate something ? 75 comments. hide. Unfortunately I didn't have any jars and my friend sold his a few days ago. ID: 39951/1: Unstable Crevice: Level: 99: Subscribe. Once finished, click the "Save" … I cant find a good new website that talks about this. (Image source: BDO Inven KR - andpathos) How to Level Up your Fairy. Posted by 6 days ago. BDO SA Community. You need to get 2 Laila’s Petals from alchemy or from grinding, fishing, or gathering. 41 … ... AFAIK the crevice spawn locations are completely random like the gold chests, and they’re really hard to spot. I only see ones from 2 years ago. 1.8k. 984. Add item dropped by this NPC. It is easy to miss, especially when you are moving quickly. You will get one “Sealed Fairy Wings” from Theiah by completing the quest chain. Enable the "Edit Mode" and click at the desired locations on the map. I have looked into this further and The Unstable Crevice in the Kama temple only works with the first Jar, you need to go out into the world and look for other Unstable Crevice's using other Jar's that you can craft yourself or purchase from the Marketplace. The Unstable Crevice is a red object that blinks every 3 to 5 seconds. View Entire Discussion (18 Comments) More posts from the blackdesertonline community. The red thing in the middle is the Unstable Crevice. and then I saw the name Unstable Crevice. So i farm gather every do 2h and grind 1h per day and didnt get any petal for weeks now (1,5 weeks). report. save. Add location of this object? 1.8k. Laila’s Scattered Petals. Take the Sweet Honey Jar and put in the Unstable Crevice (right next to the tree). This is the hard part. Posted by 3 days ago. Click the marker again to remove it. GM BBrilliant, 4 minutes ago. General. You can get one or two in about 1-4 hours (the drop chance is fairly low). 883. Hope this helps!

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