However, I've just spent a long weekend in the heart of Suffolk, and had a traditional pub lunch one afternoon and ordered the Suffolk Cured Ham, Ducks eggs and Chips (YUM!!! The ham is placed on a large sheet of brown wrapping paper, some of its mix rubbed in thoroughly and the balance packed on, mostly on the meat or cut side. The difference between salt ratios is staggering: His recipe calls for around 475 grams of salt per litre of liquid, whereas the one you have linked to here calls for about 110 g/L. (Example: a 20-pound ham gets 26 ounces of the curing mix.) Home-cured and smoked ham doesn't seem as though it should sneak into any sort of "easy cooking" recipe compilation. I followed HFW’s wiltshire cure in the river cottage cookbook. over 4 times the salt! It's something that sounds hard to do, that few people know how to do, and that does take a long time, but home-cured ham is actually very easy to make!Home curing your own ham (wet cure) takes just a few minutes of active work, and about a week of waiting until you are … Note – the quantities here were used to cook a roughly 1.2kg gammon hock, but you could multiply up to cook any of our gammon hock joints. Waitrose and Co-op Wiltshire-cured meats contain nearly SEVEN times the number of cancer-causing nitrites as regular bacon and ham, study shows. Final thought: I am not even convinced this is a Wiltshire cure, as any Wiltshire ham I've ever eaten in Wiltshire tastes and looks nothing like what I've made here. Follow this recipe to prepare our gammon hock, then use it in one of our other recipes – perhaps this delicious Ham & Leek Pie, or this Rustic Pork Terrine. A simple brine cure recipe. Each ham is weighed and cured separately, 1.3 ounces of the mix for each pound of the ham being applied. This brine makes enough for one leg of ham and the sides (short bacon) from one whole pig (if you recall from my last post, we used the meatier half of the sides of two pigs for roasts, and the other half for bacon). You can scale this recipe up and down by adding 100g of salt and 30g of sugar for every litre of water.

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