They say that without God, ethics is impossible. By Dr Eva Tsahuridu Ethical behaviour is not always best defined within the confines of the law. In conclusion, while many people feel that being a moral person is reliant on religion, it is not the case. Typically, the law tells us what we are prohibited from doing and what we are required to … In an ideal world, moral duties would not conflict with one another, however, an ideal world does not exist (Morland and Geisler). While not essential, religion potentially helps people be and stay good. So it’s not that religion does not effect morality, it’s just that morality also impacts religion. As for a religious argument against homosexuality, there is no scientific evidence that being gay, transsexual, bisexual, etc., is clearly linked to any social or physical issue that is not also present among the heterosexual population. Being ethical is also not the same as following the law. Atheists don’t score differently than religious people when given moral dilemmas . The law often incorporates ethical standards to … As opposed to Ethics, which remains same regardless of any culture, religion or society. Morals do not have any applicability to business, whereas Ethics is widely applicable in the business known as business ethics. Morals are expressed in the form of statements, but Ethics are not expressed in the form of statements. Morals and religion are not dependent on one another. In my religion, Judaism, a revealed religion, ethics or morality is the attempt to arrive at a view of the nature of human values, of … Ethics and the law are not identical. The result of equating dharma with religion in India has been disastrous: in the name of secularism, dharma has been subjected to the same limits as Christianity in Europe. We must have a common base for “truth,” and that base is research, not religion. Some people, especially religious people, say that there can be no morality without religion. A non-religious society may still be ethical without belief in God, but an a-dharmic society loses its ethical compass and falls into corruption and decadence. Why ethics and law are not the same thing. Ethics, however, cannot be confined to religion nor is it the same as religion. Anonymous (AA) model does the same. Ethics Leadership 01 Apr 2015.

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