Frans Stroeven

Frans has more than 40 years of experience in Martial Arts. With a no-nonsense approach and with respect for the level of the student Frans Stroeven teaches the student how to handle armed and unarmed combat.


  • Ordinary men and women of all ages and with different backgrounds.
  • Special forces of the army and police

SCS – Stroeven Combat System – Instructors & Schools

All SCS-instructors are trained by Frans Stroeven himself.


 Frans Stroeven concentrates on effective selfdefence. Stroeven Combat System makes the student aware of the danger and effectivity of sticks and pointed weapons. The training is oriented towards armed and unarmed streetfighting and based on several Filipino Martial Arts which have been modified by Frans.


Worldwide Frans is holding seminars and teaching courses in :

  • eskrima ( stick fighting )
  • pangamot ( dirty boxing )
  • knife fighting
  • fighting with special weapons like pocket stick , karambit , tomahawk and machete.
  • The SCS-events with Frans Stroeven offer high quality education and training.
  • You can find an overview of the events in the calendar.
  • You are welcome at a seminar or course ; you can subscribe via the contact  page.
  • If you want to organise an SCS-event, please contact us via the contact page. 

On YouTube you can watch seminar videos with at the end contact data which are not actual anymore. You will find the actual data on the contact page of this website.